Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hand Tools List for Electrician

You’ll already be familiar with some of these tools; others are limited to the electrical trade. These tools will cut, strip, and twist wires and will secure electrical boxes, light fixtures, switches, and receptacles. You could strip away insulation with a pocketknife and cut wire by bending it back and forth until it breaks, but you’ll end up with sloppy results and damaged cable. Good cutting and stripping tools prevent wires and insulation from getting nicked and enable you to work with wire in tight areas such as small boxes. The following tables list the basic hand tools for electrical work and some more specialized tools, too.
• Claw hammer for Securing boxes to studs and joist
• Long-nose pliers for Bending wires
• Lineman’s pliers for Pulling wires and cutting
• Diagonal pliers for Cutting in tight spaces
• Slotted screwdriver for Securing switches and receptacles
• Phillips screwdriver for Securing switches and receptacles
• 25-inch measuring tape for Setting box heights and so on
• Keyhole saw for Cutting through walls and ceilings
• Hacksaw for Cutting flexible, armored cable
• Wire stripper for Stripping wire insulation
• Cable stripper for Stripping cable insulation
• Flashlight for Working in dark spaces
• Ladders for Accessing overhead work
• Voltage tester for Testing for current
• Receptacle analyzer for Testing for electrical faults
• Continuity tester for Testing for interruptions in the path of a current
• Fish tape for Pulling wires through enclosed areas
• Conduit bender for Bending metal conduit around corners
• Level for Ensuring that equipment is installed straight and true
• Masonry chisels for Working on exterior installations
• Adjustable wrench for Tightening rigid conduit connectors

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